Church History

2011 was a year of humble beginning after rededicating and completely surrendering his life to his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Pastor Emmanuel Matthew started out passionately by devoting his life to praying for others as he was instructed by God to keep interceding for His people.

The ministry took to the streets, the hospital’s, its emergency wards and wards alike. The Almighty GOD proved Himself with healings but the ministry moved to Kaduna as Pastor Emmanuel O. Matthew got a job.

God gave the grace for online deliverance ministry via phone calls in 2013 for those in need within and outside Nigeria.

Uncommon testimonies such as the coming back to the life of a dead child in the womb who was born in due time and still alive today; also healing from HIV; years of bleeding stopped and miraculous birth of children from advanced women and those tagged barren.

Visitations to other Nigerian states to minister the gospel with a record of over 30 surrendering to Jesus Christ.

The ministry was moved to Lagos again as the servant of GOD was transferred back to Lagos state with none of her existing members in Kaduna.

2014 was full of the manifestation of the power of GOD and also marked the opening of another dimension proving the call of God. It all started with 5 members in a living room.

A 3day crusade was held at … with testimony of over 120 souls won for Christ, idols were burnt, over 50 fetish objects surrendered and till this day the greatest herbalist in the land is nowhere to be found.

This same year the Lord told His servant “Emmanuel pay the price get the prize”. The Lord also gave the name ” End Time Salvation and Deliverance Calling Ministry” which is now a church with over a hundred in attendance today. Sunday evening fellowship also began as the second program. The ministry was fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

The very first week in the first month of January 2015 the Lord provided the land where the ministry Headquarters would be situated.

The Lord gave the Grace to run a monthly vigil program “HOLY GHOST Power Night” and He has faithfully established it as it holds till date.
The first one night crusade was held in Alasia Lagos with over 300 in attendance and testimonies to the glory of GOD.

On the first Sunday of the month of October 2016, the Church held her very first worship service at the headquarter plot of land.

2017 saw the foundation laying of the church headquarter building project, a 1000 seat capacity with hostel facilities. The Lord strengthened the workforce of the church.

2018 came with unprecedented achievements by the grace of the Almighty God; the church published two books; her Sunday school manual and Good morning Holy Spirit prayer booklet; and the servant of GOD also published his very first book “Power to achieve Great Idea”. The church also debuted her website, to reach out to more souls as grace permitted.

2019 the Lord bestowed the grace for weekly programs; Bible study Wednesdays and HOLY GHOST fire rain Thursdays.

We are indeed thankful for all the Father has done and will do; we believe the future holds greater promises of unexplainable and unimaginable achievements.

Church Logo

Our logo is the symbol of our identity bearing the God the Father’s authority and power which He has bestowed upon our commission.

Every component of our logo is of great significance…

The circular shape signifies the mandate given to us by Christ to capture the earth for Him.

The color white signifies Holiness which is our ultimate goal to see God

The color blue signifies the Holy Spirit as He is our covering.

The Bible signifies our stand for truth and the revelation received from the word of God

The name signifies the mandate given to us to preach salvation for soul winning under the great influence of the Holy Spirit as He helps us to teach in a manner that is easily understood by all men.
Dliverance as a call to service the body of Christ while on earth till the Lord’s return, the scriptures give us understanding that deliverance and holiness is required to possess possessions.
Calling is our confidence and hope that we have the Divine backing. Ministry is our Pentecostal movement which ensures we are all carried along in the body of Christ.

The fire signifies the propelling and refining power of God.

The sword signifies our weapon of warfare to divide every word of and by truth.

The lines signifies our Divine consecration and territory as we are not of the world even though we are in it.